c h o i c e s + d e p r e s s i o n

Individuals’ biggest problems, I believe, is that they feel S T U C K and don’t realize how malleable their thoughts can be. It makes a life so limited. Unhappy? Change your mind – change your life.

Our minds are our greatest tools.

I am a creative mind and when I’m feeling positive and normal I feel like I can think my way out of any challenge. The gift of creativity has unlimited options. My depression makes feel stuck in a linear path, I can only do either this or that. This feeling crushes my soul and makes me feel so stuck. At least I know to separate my depression from my self and know that this feeling is temporary so I just ride it out. This way of thinking is a tool for me. Maybe it can help you. This is no substitute for medication, but when feeling rock bottom – thinking tools can at least get you up above the rim to seek more help.

X Vero

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